Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What's Going On?

The Start Treaty is being stalled by the Republicans (GOP) for personal agenda motivations versus for the sake of the security of the United States of America. Once again their primary motivation is to oppose the Obama administration on every issue no matter how important it is for the citizenry of the United States of America.

The Russian country, the mutual beneficiary of the Start Treaty, is relying on the US to support this Treaty. Shouldn't this issue be 'above' politics and personal ideologies? Admiral Mike Mullen has reiterated the importance and 'criticality' of Congresses support for this legislation without stalling. Only one Republican Senator, Richard Lugar of Indiana, has spoken in favor of passing this legislation in spite of political pursuasion attempts by the GOP. As a resident of Indiana and someone that considers oneself 'middle of the road' on most issues and 'liberal' on others in this more or less conservative and repulican state, I'm proud to be represented by Senator Lugar in spite of the difference of position on some political issues. It's unfortunate there were at least ten other Republican Senators who during Republican administrations, the GOP platform in general prior to the Obama Administrations election, were staunch proponents of the Start Treaty. Now they have been convinced that the GOP's agenda of destabilizing this administration so that they will defeat it in 2012 is of the highest priority. They have once again taken a blind position of "NO" at every turn without regard of what's best for this country. Who is the non-patriot here?

With the recent volley by the North Koreans on the South Korean Island and the continued development both by them and Iran to shore up nuclear programs with questionable management and intentions, one would think that this was impetus enough to sway a majority consensus in the political arena for the 'Start Treaty' and it's potential wide spread effects on the political posturing on this issue by other nations.

Wake up, American citizens and open your eyes as to what is the real agenda of the GOP and it's true intentions.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wake Up, America!

I ask those of you who have different opinions from those that are 'yelling' that they are the paradyme of what America stands for in politics, morals, values and even to the level of absconding with the media (the most important element of what is inherent in American Democracy), to 'Speak Up'.

Yes, I'm speaking to those of you who are disappointed in the political transition the country has recently witnessed. Just because a particular legislative body has been 'boon doggled' by a 'squeeky wheel' does not mean that 'we' should lay down with a defeatest attitutude. We should not accept the voices that 'yell' with key words that seem to suggest their opinion is inclusive of all of us, or a majority, as a total collective body that is of a same mindset, Such as phrases like 'the people' are saying and feel or the suggestion and acceptance that the dissemination of 'negative' promotion wins over civil correctness and moral truths (I deem these to be synonomous).

We must understand, those of us with voices and the means to voice an opinion, that there is a great number of people in this 'democracy' that are subjugated by impoverishment, lack of means and those that want to keep it that way. There are those that wish to abuse this power over 'the least of us'(biblical reference)  and will at every chance suggest that every time the 'government of the people' want to help those with least capabilities, it is sliding toward Communism or at minimum Socialism with the most pejorative connotation intended in referencing these systems. They use this method of imposing their power and control over others, through the manipulation of key words or phrases that will 'scare' the masses (fear mongering; another means of disseminating negativity) and sustaining their own personal gains in lieu of an altruistic choice of assisting those with little or nothing therefore maintaining an 'oligarchic state'.  

Those of us with 'voices' that understand this new countrywide questionable momentum should 'Speak Up'. It will assist those with 'no voice' or 'less voice' through our expression and hopefully and subsequently motivate them to find means and avenues to also 'Speak Up'.

Speak Up, loudly about those issues that are important to us. We must not stay quiet or whisper when they are yelling, scratching, clawing and imposing their societal standards upon us. Our voices will give power and strength to those that do not or cannot speak to that which, I believe, is a higher standard of egalitarianism, parity and most important, a society worth living in for our children and their children's children.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Soldier's Quest

Loud flashes of light above
reflecting off clouds ominously
Where once in youthful times
these sparkling lights meant celebration
but today they open up the skies
with loud explosive sounds

They shake the earth
awakening the demons underground
unlike when excitement, back home, filled the air
today they burst the silence
with redden fields and angry death

In a brief intermittent respit
when eardrum breaking blasts cease
although howling pain filled human cries
still fill the smoky air.

A still moment arises and my memories
of loved ones who wait for me
back where these flashing lights
and sky emptying cracking sounds
do not suck breath from life
but celebrate the joy of living,
I think of my heartfelt love'd ones,
their warm embraces and the kisses.

I reflect upon the freedoms,
the occasional abuse of liberties
we partake and are afforded us.
My mind fills in reverie of returning,
planting my garden with beans and tomatoes,
cutting my lawn, sitting in my back yard
with friends and loved ones, 
grilling steaks and drinking beer,
listening to music on radio and singing childhood songs

Tears spew out from my eyes
but I do not have time to wipe them,
an explosion o’er my head
rattling my helmet and my brain
reawakening me to the reality
that my life and freedom lies before me
along side my buddy, my brother,
and inside my mind, belief that soon
the Truth of our quest will become victorious

Friday, November 5, 2010

Post Midterm Election

The mid-term election results speak for themselves. They decided, whether for reasons of disenchantment with the pace of change or perceived lack of dramatic action toward correcting the direction of a faltering economic recovery. We will now see if the Republican held House of Representatives with John Boehner at the helm can execute legislation that was diminished in action when his minority party of 'No' had placed continuous obstacles toward compromizations with a Democratic Executive Office.

Some Major issues that the new Republican held Congress and the new majority leader, John Boenhner, will allow to be introduced for consideration:

  • The GOP platform ran on an issue of wanting to repeal the Universal Health Care Program voted into law by the Democratic held congress
  • The Bush Tax cuts to expire
  • Security and the new majority legislative body's interpretation of how to deal with 'illegal' aliens.
  • Expenditures i.e. Funding for military and Afghan War, economic stimulus programs,
  • Repeal of 'Don't ask, Don't tell'
With the Senate body still slightly held by a Democratic party it will be an interesting next couple of years in the Obama Administration. A main battle will be on the Republican leadership insisting that they are going to vote against funding with ultimate attempts at repealing the Health Care program voted into law. If every administration pursued repealing the previous administrations efforts the citizenry would never benefit from any legislation meant for the betterment of society.

Blogger's Opinion: It is dangerously 'sad' how people have easily succumb to the manipulations by a few with  oligarchic manifesting characteristics. Their wanting to address our countries 'issues', needing to be ameliorated, by a way that is not only degenerative to the nations psyche but surreptitious in its intent through 'fear mongoring', 'negative' aggression and a Vietnam War era with a method by the intelligence organizations in the dissemination of misinformation as a way of inciting and controlling. They, 'the few'(Boehner, McConnell, Brownback, Palin, Bush, etc.) in the GOP leadership, assume that gullibility and ignorance of the Masses will prevail. This is their choice of approach toward Democratic political and social reform in lieu of a method of analysis and decisision making through academic acuity and relative applicability by way of a compromising resolve.

For those of you who voted, thank you for your service.