Saturday, December 18, 2010

9/11 vs Republican Party

As Jon Stewart, a stallworth advocate for 9/11 responders health assistance, so well put it; "...the party who used the symbol of 9/11 as a catch phrase" now are blocking the Zadroga Bill (7billion dollar health assistance to the first responders and families of 9/11who are now subsequently witnessing devastatin health issues) even to be debated. Republican Senator Kyle stated that he didn't know if they would have enough time to vote on this bill before Christmas break and even though they've been asked to work through Christmas by Senate Majority leader, Harry Reed, he Senator Kyle said he didn't want to disrespect the holiest of christian holidays. Four of the guests on the Jon Stewart show, a fireman, a policeman, a heavy equipment engineer and a medical rescueer all stated that they didn't take Christmas off when they went in to rescue or recover victims of 9/11.  These four guests all suffer terminal health problems as a direct result of being down in the pit day after day in that rubish for many years. They have to now battle with their employers and insurance companies to not be forced out of their jobs for unexcusable reasons and coverage of insurance. This is why the passing of this bill is so critical and should be voted on by the very party who used the 9/11 tragedy as their personal catch word for being elected and going to war. Where are they now when they are truly needed as representatives of patriotism and sympathetic supporters of their fellow citizens who sacrificed their health as true lovers of their country?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Feign'd Bipartisanship

To stall the passing of the extension of Tax cut for the middle class, the extension of unemployment benefits, Start Treaty, Don't ask Don't tell, Immigration Dream Passage, is based on  the Republicans selfish political reasons of trying to force a vote on their priority to extend the Tax cut for the wealthiest. This shows the GOP's true nature and face. They're willing to allow those that are in 'dire' need for an unemployment check. To allow the Start Treaty who the Russians are asking immediate attention to not be addressed because they don't feel it's as important as voting on giving their wealthy friends more when they don't need it to feed their families, pay bills so they don't lose their homes or give a small gift to their children for the holidays. Ironically, just yesterday the Republican leaders had stated publically they're willing to compromise yet now they've turned their backs on the middle and lower class. Wake Up America to the hippocracy at the expense of those who are in most need of help, Are they truly this carelessly selfish?

People please call, write, tweet, email your congressman.