Tuesday, January 25, 2011

State of the Union Address

Why does it always take a tragedy like Representative Maggy Gifford's attempted assassination or 9/11 for the majority of the masses of the people in these United States of America to introspect, reassessing of our coming together for a common cause? Through this latest tragedy and travesty we call attention to our wanting to be more civil to each other in at least nominally through our public discourse. Our basic social foundation still flounders concerning our societies priorities and ideological/political positions. We being so polarized, through demonization of each other, have come to a level of degeneration where taking care of those most in need, ie; universal health care, social security, medicare, our infra-structure, the future of our planets eco system, JOBS, are the targets of political slings and economic cut backs. These, in lieu of the military's wanton unnecessary projects, nation building(unnecessary wars), bailing out institutions that do not produce a proletarian based industry, giving the elite and extreme wealthy their tax cuts as they finance the creation of an oligarchic state. What does this speak to by other observing nations of the world which ironically were the type of nations we, the America of old, would speak out against with great disdain and directly promote their demise. These are the issues that The State of the Union Address should highlight. It should reflect upon the direction of our inherent makeup. The foundation of 'morals and ethics', new found 'liberties, freedoms', support of the 'down trodden' and whether our open arms to those wanting to immigrate to a country where this foundation is manifest are now closed.

We have become a country that has forgotten the value of community in the nebulous approach toward 'individual rights' defending this at all cost. We have lost the spirit of pride and dignity in what our Constitution was intended that being; the morality of parity and equity for all whether it be politics or religion, the 'right' and 'freedom' to pursue whatever venture may contribute to indivdual or community success as long as it does not harm anyone through suppression in the process. Innovation and entrepreneurship in building and producing products for world consumption in lieu of being a country of only consumption should be our manifest destiny. This is hindered because of our nations lack of priority in 'investing' in our educational system.

Author of :India Calling: An Intimate Portrait of a Nation's Remaking" and columnist Anand Giridharadas, Indian by heritage born in Cleveland Ohio, best captured the threat that America faces in the near future in saying as a guest on the Jon Stewart Show "...we are so concerned over the threat of losing our leadership in the world to countries like India and China based on economics when we should be concerned over the underlying deterioration of our human infrastructure by way of denegrating, degradating each other, a destructive mindset vs building up our attitudes which is the mindset of Indian and Chinese societies toward their 'building' process".

Special note: We must be careful not to pursue an attitude presently being manifested by a consensus of the GOP who want to 'repeal'( for example the Universal health bill) what was legitimately passed as statute by the present electorate and may introduce a destructive mindset for newly elected administrations. Repealing in lieu of capturing the positives of specific issues in statutes and maybe revising the less desireable nuances.
An insidious trend seems to be quietly evincing where elections and counts, although the elected administrator is showing favorable progress, they are being recalled and governance is being undermined. This is damaging progress in an already deteriorating societal infrastructure.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Tucson/Rep. Gabrielle (Gabby) Gifford

Are we all responsible in some way by contributing or allowing by not speaking out against the angry tone and atmosphere with vitriolic rhetoric. '...freedom of speach; peaceable assembly and a right to petition the Government for the redress of grievances', our first amendment allows anyone to speak up either for or against any issue. The question arises as to what level of expressing oneself do words, intentionally manipulated, are used to incite reaction go beyond the pale creating an environment of potential active violence.

The Sheriff of Pima County Clarence Dupnik, yesterday immediately after the tragic incident of the wanton shooting by Jared Loughner of Representative Gabrielle Gifford, Judge John Roll, nine year old Christina Greene, Gabe Zimmerman, Dorwin Stoddard, Dorothy Morris, Phyllis Scheck and fourteen others, emotionally, stated that Arizona because of the elavated rhetoric on Immigration issues has become the mecca, the capital of 'bigotry and prejudice'. He referenced the tone and inflamatory level integrated into the public discourse on the issues that involve people of different cultures and race as becoming extremely toxic.

With this, I want to say that rhetoric such like 'in cross hair' references as stated and supported by Sarah Palin, the Tea Party and other right wing zealots during the last mid term campaigns should be held accountable. This word and pictorial reference, specifically, was called attention to by the now victim, Representtative Gabrielle Gifford in an interview. Words do have their consequences expecially for the use of these type of inciteful references when words fall onto the ears of unstable individuals.  " Words must be carefully chosen because once said they echo throughout, heard by both the connected and the unhinged" President Bill Clinton.

I used to travel to Arizona both on business and travel, Tempe, Scotsdale, Phoenix, Tucson, but with recent media coverage of the militaristic, 'Gestapo" tactics being employed, I decline to make this state an option to travel and visit with my family. This environment has been recently constructed by way of  Arizona's Governor, Jan Brewer's seemingly right wing position on 'illegal immigrants' and Senator John MaCain's most recent expediant political transition, 'build that wall' (Sarah Palin's chant), in order to get reelected. This 'wind' has blown through out. I've been profiled both in Iowa while driving to visi my wife's parents in Omaha, Nebraska and in Indiana while driving to visit friends in Elkhart, Indiana. Yes, my ancestry and myself were born in Mexico yet to the disdain of those wishing to employ previously mentioned tactics, I am a Naturalized citizen and now must carry proof of it whenever traveling.

I do choose to reside in this country and am grateful for it's manifest freedoms and liberties, still developing as a young nation and still understanding it's founding Constitution. It has Provided me and my family, though presently temporarily baffled 'dream', the opportunity of becoming one's aspirations, one's dreams.

On a personal note: I become emotional when I write about issues that are most salient to me, specifically, issues about opportunities for all no matter what race, color or nationality. I will make a concerted effort at speaking or writing about issues with less inciteful emotional words and more focussed on suggesting opposing options to debate the issues vs spending time on writing with an accusational tone.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Real GOP

Today the Congressional House comes out with it's 'new' attire. What will it's face look like? Can it hide behind the make-up (words) it applied while rehearsing for the real performance? Will it be washed away and the real face evince?

They have vowed as their main focus not to address the problems that we as citizens request, require and for which we voted them into office, but to defeat Barrack Obama in the 2012 election. Their impetus is to do this with whatever means inspite of whether job creation programs are not being the focus, the Dream Act is dispelled as an amnesty bill, and worst of all their egregious attempt to repeal the Health Bill that is already proving of great benefit to the majority of all segments of our society. This effort is being relentlesstly pursued by the 'power hungry' old school 'right wing' Republicans and, unfortunately, many Tea Party constituents representatives, Republicans with make-up,  for no other reason than to defeat all of President Obama's efforts. They do this in spite of the damage it would do to the United States of America.

Their 'true' face showed when they were attempting to forestall the bill that would provide funds for the 911 responders (now nine years later) who have aquired health issues and are slowly dying while their families are losing their homes because of the medical expenses. Their (Republican and Tea Party) patriostism for the US is questionable when they put their personal political aspirations in front of the needs of the country.

I am hoping that proponents of The Health Program that was voted by a majority of citizens will stand firm and fight with all their might in the battle with  those that wish to repeal it.

Democrats and Independents who are attuned to the needs of the country must speak up resoundingly.
Assist those who are uninformed about the real facts of this countries needs and efforts being put forth by Democratic legislature so that misinformation being disseminated by the right wing of the Republiican Party, promoting their agenda through a negative approach of surreptitious and destructive methods, does not usurp the truth.

Write, email or call your Congressman to express your desired position on the various issues and demand they hold steadfast as your representative.