Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mid--term Elections and Politics

Tuesday mid-term elections will determine whether the Obama administration will be placed in a position of being able to get his agenda passed or whether the GOP will continue to 'blockade' (the party of 'no' for the sake of politics and not for the sake of what's 'good' for the Country). Hopefully, all the political 'pundits' are incorrect in their projections of the House and Senate reconstruction as a result of Tuesday's elections.

The Obama administration needs to be given an opportunity to pass legislation that was determined as a possible dramatic change to the previous Republican administration by way of his election into office, a choice made by the people. He has been in office for only two years and the country was placed in this precarious situation, a deterioration of major economic and financial sectors, who's downward spiral was eight years in the making. The damage is so extensive, it will take more time to correct and recover. He needs legislative and judicial support to attempt an amelioration of this created malady.

We as a nation need to prove to ourselves as well as the rest of the world that we as a 'Democratic' nation will exercise the freedoms and liberties afforded us through voting. We must all be vigilant to the process and report any attempts at preventing our 'rights' as voters.

We must all 'vote' at the voting booth and not be influenced by a certain segment of our society, i.e. political party, media, that is attempting to put forth the agenda that in the absence of voting is a political statement in and of itself. We all must exercise our voice through participation in the voting process.

Please Vote!!!!!

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