Tuesday, January 25, 2011

State of the Union Address

Why does it always take a tragedy like Representative Maggy Gifford's attempted assassination or 9/11 for the majority of the masses of the people in these United States of America to introspect, reassessing of our coming together for a common cause? Through this latest tragedy and travesty we call attention to our wanting to be more civil to each other in at least nominally through our public discourse. Our basic social foundation still flounders concerning our societies priorities and ideological/political positions. We being so polarized, through demonization of each other, have come to a level of degeneration where taking care of those most in need, ie; universal health care, social security, medicare, our infra-structure, the future of our planets eco system, JOBS, are the targets of political slings and economic cut backs. These, in lieu of the military's wanton unnecessary projects, nation building(unnecessary wars), bailing out institutions that do not produce a proletarian based industry, giving the elite and extreme wealthy their tax cuts as they finance the creation of an oligarchic state. What does this speak to by other observing nations of the world which ironically were the type of nations we, the America of old, would speak out against with great disdain and directly promote their demise. These are the issues that The State of the Union Address should highlight. It should reflect upon the direction of our inherent makeup. The foundation of 'morals and ethics', new found 'liberties, freedoms', support of the 'down trodden' and whether our open arms to those wanting to immigrate to a country where this foundation is manifest are now closed.

We have become a country that has forgotten the value of community in the nebulous approach toward 'individual rights' defending this at all cost. We have lost the spirit of pride and dignity in what our Constitution was intended that being; the morality of parity and equity for all whether it be politics or religion, the 'right' and 'freedom' to pursue whatever venture may contribute to indivdual or community success as long as it does not harm anyone through suppression in the process. Innovation and entrepreneurship in building and producing products for world consumption in lieu of being a country of only consumption should be our manifest destiny. This is hindered because of our nations lack of priority in 'investing' in our educational system.

Author of :India Calling: An Intimate Portrait of a Nation's Remaking" and columnist Anand Giridharadas, Indian by heritage born in Cleveland Ohio, best captured the threat that America faces in the near future in saying as a guest on the Jon Stewart Show "...we are so concerned over the threat of losing our leadership in the world to countries like India and China based on economics when we should be concerned over the underlying deterioration of our human infrastructure by way of denegrating, degradating each other, a destructive mindset vs building up our attitudes which is the mindset of Indian and Chinese societies toward their 'building' process".

Special note: We must be careful not to pursue an attitude presently being manifested by a consensus of the GOP who want to 'repeal'( for example the Universal health bill) what was legitimately passed as statute by the present electorate and may introduce a destructive mindset for newly elected administrations. Repealing in lieu of capturing the positives of specific issues in statutes and maybe revising the less desireable nuances.
An insidious trend seems to be quietly evincing where elections and counts, although the elected administrator is showing favorable progress, they are being recalled and governance is being undermined. This is damaging progress in an already deteriorating societal infrastructure.

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