Wednesday, March 9, 2011

GOP's Master Plan

Democrats and Independents, we need to recognize the sureptitious impetus behind all that is being vociferously highlighted by the GOP's number one motivation which is to defeat President Barack Obama in the next election. I must give credit to the planning board of the GOP for how successful their plan and objectives through an insidious dissemination of misinformation to the masses without caring about whatever group this information may injure, has been implemented. The following are the individual major issues the Republican Party under the guise or mask of the right wing of their party, the bigeted, prejudiced xenophobes that use a historically liberating representative name to feign the cause it's name represents, The Tea Party, are putting forth.

1) The inception of  'The Tea Party' as a supposed independent group of the

2) The Tea Party through their unscrupulous representations win The House
     of Representatives

3) Defeat all issues and causes of the Obama Administration at all cost regardless
    of it's benefit to the country and those most in need, 'Just say No'.

4) Attempt to recall the National Health bill voted by the people as law without
    regard to it's manifesting benefits and what group it will most negatively affect
     a) pressing to defund certain line items
     b) dissemination of misinformation of cost and eventual savings
     c) depicting it as a Socialist pursuit

5) Depicting the Obama Administration as the responsible party for bailing out
    big banks and companies when it was the GOP and President Bush, previous
    Republican Administration, who placed us under the historic deficit we're in,
    started Wars of choice placing our soldiers in harms way without appropriate
    battle gear and not paying for it or the war (where's the oil money they told us
    would pay for the war and where are the weapons of mass destruction that was
    the reason to send our soldiers to die?) but borrowing the money from China
    making us an 'indebted nation', etc.

6) Questioning President Barack Obama's citizenship (a xenophobic attempt)

7) Behind the motivations of individual states to implement harsher immigra-
    tion laws, ie Arizona's Governor Jan Brewer's instilling fear mongering tactics
    through Bill 1070, Indiana Representative Delph through Bill 590, by
    amendmending to Article 11 of Federal Immigration Bill 1070 with
    Article 8 section E:  A law enforcement officer, without warrant, may arrest
    a person if the officer has probable reason to believe that the person has
    committed any public offense...This person may be stopped if found that
    reasonable suspicion exists that this person is an Alien* unlawfully present
    in the United States
* "Alien": what does one look like?

8) Attempt to take away bargaing rights from unions with the underlying motive
    of breaking up unions who were a major voting force behind President
    Obama's election. They are what historically has created our Middle Class
    (critical to the inherent nature of our Democracy and Capitalist system)

9) Pushing through partisan bills with the threat of shutting down the govern-
    ment if the Republican's don't have their deficit reduction request for this
    fiscal year: implementation would affect expenditure for the rights of women,
    planned parenthood, major environmental issues( ie mercury emissions
    upping ethanol percentage, mountain top mining, fertilizer pollutants runoffs
    into major waterways), job creation, aid for schools in nutrition programs,
    heating and housing programs for the poor

10) Most ominous is the pressing to withhold all funds from a voice that has
      been the epitome of a checks and balance segment of  'free' press, NPR.
      This in itself manifests the true motivations of those that wish to stymie
      the inherent nature of America's Free Democracy.

Democrats/Independents we must become active in turning this around by
exposing the Republican/Tea Party's surreptitious intentions and our 'Will" to
disseminate correct information. We must make sure that the middle class
survives and the poor get assistance. We cannot allow 'fear mongering',
denegrating and derrogatory demonizing methodologies to represent our
country's make up. This happens through voting and "Us" speaking out!!!

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  1. I couldn't agree more! They caused all these dang problems. They're just ticked about how we're spending the money now. Stupid tea party.