Saturday, February 5, 2011

Egypt Reform

President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt must consider the desire of the people of Egypt and step down. Any further attempts by his regime to surreptitiously inject his personal secret militia (made up of paid for thugs and police )  into the mix of the peaceful demonstrators will be highly evident. His initial attempt at cutting off all utility of telephones, facebook, twitter, etc. was visibly protested by the international community. At the same time releasing his 'thug mentality' police onto the otherwise peaceful demonstrators to thwart their demands of his immediate resignation was not successful. Fortunately, the international media was able to capture and report on Mubarak's regime attempts at forcefully squashing the protest before they too were being beaten and rounded up by civilian dressed police trying to prevent international exposure to their totalitarian methods. When this didn't work he then went ahead and approved to allow the usage of telephones, facebook and twitter but not until he sent once again his 'thugs' out to cause havoc into the demonstrators trying to demonstrably show that there would be chaos and uncontrollable violence in the streets of Egypt if he stepped down immediately. He, Hosni Mubarak, thought that the international community let alone his own people wouldn't see right through his manipulation, his signature, of this.

His appointment of a Vice President, Omar Suleiman previously head of Intel and security for the same regime, he thought would be a sufficient demonstration of his willing to transition his stepping down but on his own terms and time frame. This of course is unacceptable to the masses of Egypt. Nothing less than his and his regimes immediate departure from his office is acceptable according to a leader of the demonstrators,  Nobel Peace laureate Mohamed ElBaradei.

We, President Barack Obama and the United States of America, must demonstrate our support for the people of Egypt who wish to transition into a more democratic system. Not necessarily being the installer of our own type of Democracy but one that affords the basic human liberties and freedoms to the masses. This along with the acknowledgement and subsequent transition of providing and sharing the wealth of the nation with all the people and not the very few as has been the history of this autocratic regime.

It is critical that the US show support for the people of Egypt in this occasion so as to show that we are a nation that lives up to our professed and promotion of basic human rights to all of the peoples in this planet.
In that the reality is that the US has security concerns and investments in this area is known by all. We can work through Egypt's military structure, supported monetarily by the US for many years, in the interests of our and Israel's security required in this part of the world. This avenue would help install with the minimum of force a secure but temporary power structure with checks and balances in place as a vehicle to facilitate giving up it's athority once  the people of Egypt vote in their choice of leaders. We, the U.S., must walk a careful path, though, so as not to be perceived as seemingly the sole nation toward this influence. We must solicit the international community and nations to support the need for stability in this part of the world. We must get the major powers of Russia, China, Britain, India and France as well as integral nations like Saudi Arabia, Syria and Iran to come together in this effort.

This is the time that the US political voices should pronounce our intent in a single voice. We must take a world leadership role hear and not let our own present domestic political transitions to manifest an unstable and bifurcated voice. We must show the world that we stand for what's 'right' and not for our personal interests.  

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