Saturday, February 12, 2011

"Egypt is Free"

Congratulation! Celebrate! Remember the faces of those who's blood flows through the crevices of stone and grains of sand. The lamenting tears of Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, children, for those who've fallen for the cause. They and you have changed the land of Kings and Pharaohs, you've changed the world. This 'revolution' must now implement the changes that will give a new face, a new landscape. This will significantly affect all the Nations that surround. You, the children of this new Nation, must be careful that when you clench your new land in your hands it does not sieve through your fingers to once again fall back onto the hot and arrid landscape of before. You must till the sand, water it, turn it into soil where new growth shall evince for even in the desert new life can grow. Be mindful, children in the Land of Kings and Pharaohs, with this new beginning there's a transitional state of fragilility. Be cautious and curious with what changes may be taking place in your Land. Instability has a characteristic of isidiousness. Go home, bathe, eat, feed your children, rest with one eye open, then come back, symbolically, to Tahrir square and oversee the 'Democratic' transition.

A Nation can transition into what the indigenous people wish without the invasiveness of 'big brother' the U.S. . We didn't have to send our soldiers to die and kill. We didn't have to partake in another 'Nation building' scheme. This new revolutionary process has taken on a new method of proceeding. The utilitarian process of mass media, cyber linking, i.e., Google (Executive, Wael Ghoneim), Facebook, Twitter etc. has revolutionized the capacity for change to come about. It was a significant factor in our own landscape in voting in our first Black President. This medium captures the true nuances of the characters on stage. It has immediate impact and exposes consistencies and hypocricies.

Congrtulations, Egypt!

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