Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Debilitating Options

We have come to another crossroad in the remaking of United States of America. Three years two months ago we came to a significant crossroad where we as citizens and voters, one must be synonymous of the other, decided to transition what had recently (eight years) been a deteriorating America. It was being tugged into a direction of misappropriation of America's founding characteristics of ethics, morals, economics and true freedoms and liberties.

In the ethics front;

Eight years had been aligned with those in leadership roles, The Republican Presidential Administration and Congress,  made many decisions for the U.S. based economy which directly affected global economies via individual selfish desires. Their methods pushed the legal boundaries through re-interpretation/manipulation and legislation to fit the new interpretation which benefited only a certain segment of the U.S.'s society, power holders i.e., wealthy, big business (banks, corporations,wall street, etc.) and right wing politicians.
Wars were started for personal gain without regard for human lives both here and in the country we condemned to Hell. The decision makers for going to war were closely aligned with large military institutions that profited from this evil pursuit. They used our citizens, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters, to attain their gains without regard to life and world view.

In the  morals front, secular and fiscally based;

War in Iraq was started in a 'lie'. In this 'lie' (much like Vietnam), military leaders enabled conditions to be created whereby soldiers placed in untenable situations where their decision making processes, their individual psychological rationale were pre-determined by a 'dog-eat-dog' survivalist environment, inescapably, forcefully assimilated into the individual soldier's mindset. This irrational survivalist mindset creates a machine of wanton destruction and immoral human actions.
At the same time in this period of time the Attorney General employed autocratic, authoritarian powers suppressing the public right to information while attempting to contain the freedom of press by deploying surreptitious connotations that government unapproved information could be interpreted as
leaking military secrets. An environment of fear and conspiring curiosity toward who was or
wasn't American was determined by whether one's ideology ran in parallel with their position.    

In the governance side of morality; our leaders were allowing the large corporations and financial institutions to run amok through a volitional decision of dismissive oversight while avoiding the implementations of regulations. The wealthy became very wealthy through amoral methods via unregulated financial lending institutions.  The economy and the educational system were allowed to deteriorate by redirecting monetary support,  and our infrastructure was ignored. Companies were allowed to export jobs and whole businesses by not providing incentives to remain in the US. Reinvesting vs 'spending'as referred to by the Republican base in our infrastructure/education which would keep the jobs in the U.S. was not appropriated because we didn't have the money. Going from a national surplus to a deficit in the eight years of the Bush administration along with billions of dollars of debt to China who paid for the Iraq War.

 In the religious moral front; this being the underlying impetus behind my wanting to write this opinion of how a negative fiber of hypocrisy runs through.
The Republican platform wants be known as a conservative based party both fiscally as well as religiously.
On the fiscal issues spent and indebted the US during the Bush years more thatn any prior Democrtatic administration. They, the present GOP candidates, are now regurgitating and espousing the same policies that put us in this economic abyss. Reduce the deficit by cutting social and educational programs while trying to recall the National health program already a law and showing signs of significant gains in it's efficacy to providing health care and foreseeable cost savings while  excluding military spending. Cuts without revenue increases via, doing away with the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy and forcing the one percent of the wealthiest Americans to pay their fair share of taxes. They want to deregulate industry further and do away with the EPA. I wish they would read Governor  Jennifer Granholm's (Michigan '03-'11) book ' A Governor's Story:The Fight for Jobs and America's Economic Future'.

On the Religious conservative issues; Ironically the Republicans are proposing eliminating funding for Planned Parenthood on the bases that they hold a position of giving access to women on pro-choice alternatives.
Using Planned Parenthood as a political football through contributing organizations, example; the Susan G. Komen Foundation, to not fund them based on their assisting in contraception and personal pro-choice. They want to demonize organizations and individuals who exercise this right of choice. A war against a large majority of women. This of course has back fired.
They, Republicans, purport to be Christians yet, ironically in unchristian like acts, they judge and disavow and with some condemn non-Christian worshipers basing it on their interpretation of the U.S. Constitution stating the the US was Christian founded.
In this recent campaign they, the Republican candidates have been using fear mongering tactics/language to re-incite the emotions of those that hold inside that inherent racism and prejudice. They demonize Latinos on the immigration issue, Gays with the prop. 8 which has been recently been overturned by an appeals court, Muslims all are terrorists because of their Islam belief, the Chinese being the latest face of attack for stealing our jobs and unfair monetary practices even though it's our lack of investment and policy legislation, our homeless and poor threaten the fiber of our country according to one Florida Republican because they have a much higher proclivity of using drugs via the welfare checks on and then the latest unfortunate underlying patriarchal tactics of attacking issues that are most important to women, their health. These are the GOP's faces our debilitating options. 

Although, those of us that were hoping for more non-compromizations on issues by President Obama, he has taken us from a potentially death defying national abyss to surviving and progressing toward recovery in spite of every effort by a Republican congress and party to create obstacles. They, the Republican congress members signed an oath to 'just say no' to any and all presented legislation at any cost to the country and individuals so as to counter any position presented by President Obama's for the sole purpose of having him viewed as failed in all his efforts. This has stagnated let alone halted all progress on any attempts at progressive legislation. They care little of the damaging affect to the country and those that don't hold their common belief or persuasion.
This effort by this Republican campaign has been an assault on defeating President Obama and those who stand by some of the issues he represents at 'all cost' despite what is 'good' for the country, our place in the world and their view of US.

Wake up America   


  1. I'm wide awake. I wish this were all just a nightmare! People are not seeing that our freedom and liberties are being chipped away little by little and we're handing them over in gift wrap! There is a world of difference between religion and religionism. We have an excess of religionism in America. It leads to an intolerance of difference and to fear and hatemongering.

  2. Interesting! Religion vs Religionism. Thanks for your input, 'Romantica Lola'.

  3. This is a helpful contrast that I will remember. Religion/Religionism.
    Thank you for this post.

  4. I applaud you from the bottom of my heart. You have totally nailed it. I cried with joy when Barak Obama was elected, and have watched in dismay as the Republicans fight to tie his hands at every turn. As expected from a party whose motivation is Power and Profit, while the entire North American continent suffers as a result.

    I pray that people stand by him for a second term and give him back enough support to begin moving the country forward past this partisan politics to the change the grassroots people want. I am so sick of government being about holding onto power instead of working for the people. President Obama does great work for the people, he really cares. He is and has BEEN one of the people, he knows what life is like for the non-rich majority. The man wears integrity like a cloak, hard to find in politics, and he is intelligent.

    The eight years preceding him created a hellish mess that he has done well to walk through. Please, America, we in Canada are also impacted by who runs your country. No more right wing politics, please!

    Great write, Nene.