Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My Friends

Amidst the chaos of pain and travails,
tears of anguish, feelings that
one is alone, come the songs from
the choir of caring voices, the hand
of a stranger who lends it to raise
you up and shares with you the little
she has but in sharing, it is a lot

For those of you who have lost so much
by the angry hand of Nature,
unforgiving storm of life, when in the morning
there’s smiles of love, in the evening
strangled with distraught
you’re in the hearts of many
by those who have not much to give
and those who do cannot replace
your loss

I know there are those who will read this
who will be disdainful of just words
in the face of the reality of death,
the devastation of life’s labors lost
I beg for your patience that in
these words sometimes they're heard
by those who can assist with resources
and this might just be the
smallest of emotional impetus for money
needed and their hands

To those of you who hear my voice
and welcome the little that I offer
my thoughts of good intentions and
the slightest relief that may come from
our hearts and prayers being with you,
that soon you will be in the comfort
of your home and in the embraces
of your love ones

Con abierto brazos
Y Corazon


  1. Beautiful words, my friend. That you are able to say this, given the travails that you have recently been through, is amazing and inspiring. My mother in law is going through a similar situation now. Her home was flooded in NJ and she was only recently allowed back in, just to get some of her possessions. She's been staying with family. Luckily, she evacuated in time and her home is still standing, but no idea when it will be habitable again. Mother Nature doesn't mess around when she gets angry!

    I hope you have a happy holiday season and all the best to you and your family.

  2. Gracias my most cherished amiga.

    You have a wonderful day, hopefully with friends or family or both.

    In this experience I have realized how much I have in spite of the loss of many 'things'.

  3. Siento tu abierto corazon... abrazo.

    Happy Holidays!

  4. Thank you so much for this post.

    Seems we are riding the same thought-wave as of late. I just posted yet, another, little essay about how it feels in this world these days to think with a soul.

    More and more, it seems the true-hearted person is rare. You are one of my soul people. So thankful for your words.