Monday, March 7, 2016

My voice

Approximately eight years ago, I was beginning to feel this cleansing in my spirit of Hope and a positive vibe about my country, The United States of America. People had done much introspection and were to a stage of wanting change. A change from the prior eight years of discomfort and discomfit of my person in this country that seemingly had lost its moral, ethical and religious values. We became involved in a war that was unnecessary and born of the insidious deception and lies at the expense of many Americans and certainly the tremendous loss of life and scorching of a country that had nothing to do with our 9/11. We stood helplessly watching the unscrupulous actions of large banks and Wall Street knowingly derailing the foundation of our economy. Then, came the election of our first black POTUS that was providing this country with newfound hopes and aspirations toward a new and vibrant America and the rest of the world was witnessing and also, seemingly, exuberant about this change. They were once again looking to us as leaders of the world toward a better future. Unfortunately, this was short-lived when the ugly head of vitriol and disingenuous representation by a Republican lead Congress became our Presidents worst nightmare. Republican congressmen began making disparaging comments toward our sitting President, sent letters to Irans leader in an attempt to disavow the negotiations, invited Israels, Netanyahu, to try to influence public support in the U.S. for the Iran Nuclear negotiations, both of these actions are treasonous. This congress has become obstructionist at every turn, surreptitiously trying to dismantle every effort by our President to correct the egregious wrongs from war, to debt, failings in deregulating and oversight of large corporations and banks which caused our economy to fall into an abysmal, seemingly insurmountable correction. Their continued defunding of many necessary social programs critical to the survival of those with the greatest needs while professing and promulgating the notion of a Christian America but sadly while disavowing and disenfranchising those wanting to practice a different religion or belief system which is afforded via The United States Constitution.

This Republican lead congress has continued to legislate and has been able to politically influence the Supreme Court in ruling against women’s rights, human rights, civil rights, etcetera. They are in continued rejection of scientific findings that our earth is in a critical state of ominous climate change, deny the dangerous effects of fracking and the direct relationship to a great increase in earthquakes and the continued contamination of rivers and lakes from companies that are lining their pockets with monetary influences for political favors. The ugliness of this insidious present governance legislative body of a Republican-led Congress is being manifested through the coterie of Republican candidates for the upcoming Presidential election which is and who are inciting fear, violence and the rest of the basest of human-kind through their voices with an un-Christian like platform of hate, bigotry, misogyny, racist vitriol and anger.

Through his leadership our President, Barack Obama, has allowed America to breathe once again with a sign of recovery in spite of the obstructionists. This upcoming election will once again test the America we love and once again take pride in, though, will require our involvement through fair and just voices and most importantly through the active participation of our VOTE.

  * Please note that the name of this blog is, ‘Opinion Politico’. This is my personal
     opinion and will entertain other opinions as long as they are not personal attacks

Recommended readings: Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson; Being Mortal by Atul Gawande

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  1. I am so proud to have Obama as MY president. He truly served as the unspoken voice for minorities in this country. He has done so much for humanity. What a noble man.

    I fear the Republican party for the havoc it could wreak on the hard work Obama has done to bring us out of repression, out of the closed-minded void this country was when Bush was president.

    Thank you for this informative post, my friend. Perhaps some minds may be enlightened by your thoughts.