Friday, November 5, 2010

Post Midterm Election

The mid-term election results speak for themselves. They decided, whether for reasons of disenchantment with the pace of change or perceived lack of dramatic action toward correcting the direction of a faltering economic recovery. We will now see if the Republican held House of Representatives with John Boehner at the helm can execute legislation that was diminished in action when his minority party of 'No' had placed continuous obstacles toward compromizations with a Democratic Executive Office.

Some Major issues that the new Republican held Congress and the new majority leader, John Boenhner, will allow to be introduced for consideration:

  • The GOP platform ran on an issue of wanting to repeal the Universal Health Care Program voted into law by the Democratic held congress
  • The Bush Tax cuts to expire
  • Security and the new majority legislative body's interpretation of how to deal with 'illegal' aliens.
  • Expenditures i.e. Funding for military and Afghan War, economic stimulus programs,
  • Repeal of 'Don't ask, Don't tell'
With the Senate body still slightly held by a Democratic party it will be an interesting next couple of years in the Obama Administration. A main battle will be on the Republican leadership insisting that they are going to vote against funding with ultimate attempts at repealing the Health Care program voted into law. If every administration pursued repealing the previous administrations efforts the citizenry would never benefit from any legislation meant for the betterment of society.

Blogger's Opinion: It is dangerously 'sad' how people have easily succumb to the manipulations by a few with  oligarchic manifesting characteristics. Their wanting to address our countries 'issues', needing to be ameliorated, by a way that is not only degenerative to the nations psyche but surreptitious in its intent through 'fear mongoring', 'negative' aggression and a Vietnam War era with a method by the intelligence organizations in the dissemination of misinformation as a way of inciting and controlling. They, 'the few'(Boehner, McConnell, Brownback, Palin, Bush, etc.) in the GOP leadership, assume that gullibility and ignorance of the Masses will prevail. This is their choice of approach toward Democratic political and social reform in lieu of a method of analysis and decisision making through academic acuity and relative applicability by way of a compromising resolve.

For those of you who voted, thank you for your service.

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