Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wake Up, America!

I ask those of you who have different opinions from those that are 'yelling' that they are the paradyme of what America stands for in politics, morals, values and even to the level of absconding with the media (the most important element of what is inherent in American Democracy), to 'Speak Up'.

Yes, I'm speaking to those of you who are disappointed in the political transition the country has recently witnessed. Just because a particular legislative body has been 'boon doggled' by a 'squeeky wheel' does not mean that 'we' should lay down with a defeatest attitutude. We should not accept the voices that 'yell' with key words that seem to suggest their opinion is inclusive of all of us, or a majority, as a total collective body that is of a same mindset, Such as phrases like 'the people' are saying and feel or the suggestion and acceptance that the dissemination of 'negative' promotion wins over civil correctness and moral truths (I deem these to be synonomous).

We must understand, those of us with voices and the means to voice an opinion, that there is a great number of people in this 'democracy' that are subjugated by impoverishment, lack of means and those that want to keep it that way. There are those that wish to abuse this power over 'the least of us'(biblical reference)  and will at every chance suggest that every time the 'government of the people' want to help those with least capabilities, it is sliding toward Communism or at minimum Socialism with the most pejorative connotation intended in referencing these systems. They use this method of imposing their power and control over others, through the manipulation of key words or phrases that will 'scare' the masses (fear mongering; another means of disseminating negativity) and sustaining their own personal gains in lieu of an altruistic choice of assisting those with little or nothing therefore maintaining an 'oligarchic state'.  

Those of us with 'voices' that understand this new countrywide questionable momentum should 'Speak Up'. It will assist those with 'no voice' or 'less voice' through our expression and hopefully and subsequently motivate them to find means and avenues to also 'Speak Up'.

Speak Up, loudly about those issues that are important to us. We must not stay quiet or whisper when they are yelling, scratching, clawing and imposing their societal standards upon us. Our voices will give power and strength to those that do not or cannot speak to that which, I believe, is a higher standard of egalitarianism, parity and most important, a society worth living in for our children and their children's children.


  1. Thanks for Speaking Up!! Do you write letters to the editor, too? People are speaking up in my town that way, so all voices are heard, not just the usual ones.

  2. This might be a little delayed but i was not being poked or tagged when someone would make a comment on my blog.

    The editor to what? Do you mean the local newspaper?