Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What's Going On?

The Start Treaty is being stalled by the Republicans (GOP) for personal agenda motivations versus for the sake of the security of the United States of America. Once again their primary motivation is to oppose the Obama administration on every issue no matter how important it is for the citizenry of the United States of America.

The Russian country, the mutual beneficiary of the Start Treaty, is relying on the US to support this Treaty. Shouldn't this issue be 'above' politics and personal ideologies? Admiral Mike Mullen has reiterated the importance and 'criticality' of Congresses support for this legislation without stalling. Only one Republican Senator, Richard Lugar of Indiana, has spoken in favor of passing this legislation in spite of political pursuasion attempts by the GOP. As a resident of Indiana and someone that considers oneself 'middle of the road' on most issues and 'liberal' on others in this more or less conservative and repulican state, I'm proud to be represented by Senator Lugar in spite of the difference of position on some political issues. It's unfortunate there were at least ten other Republican Senators who during Republican administrations, the GOP platform in general prior to the Obama Administrations election, were staunch proponents of the Start Treaty. Now they have been convinced that the GOP's agenda of destabilizing this administration so that they will defeat it in 2012 is of the highest priority. They have once again taken a blind position of "NO" at every turn without regard of what's best for this country. Who is the non-patriot here?

With the recent volley by the North Koreans on the South Korean Island and the continued development both by them and Iran to shore up nuclear programs with questionable management and intentions, one would think that this was impetus enough to sway a majority consensus in the political arena for the 'Start Treaty' and it's potential wide spread effects on the political posturing on this issue by other nations.

Wake up, American citizens and open your eyes as to what is the real agenda of the GOP and it's true intentions.

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